The Orchestrators Toolkit

Developed by Rick Lawn and Steve Tjernagel, the Orchestrators ToolKit is a helpful computer resource for Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems. The ToolKit provides large menu of instrument sounds recorded over their full range. All of the sounds in the ToolKit library were professionally recorded and are real instruments not synthesized replicas.  The TookKit also offers various brass mutes and keyboard percussion instruments with different mallet strengths. Our Toolkit provides a handy reference to help writers acquire an aural memory to refer to when arranging and orchestrating. It  also provides useful information about the instruments including ranges, transpositions, special techniques, idiosyncrasies and hints about effective orchestrations by combining instruments. I found over the course of many years of teaching that beginning and intermediate arrangers and composers often lack an aural memory of the sound of instruments at various pitch levels, or brass mute possibilities in various ranges making it difficult for them to make their scores both player friendly and orchestrationally colorful. Developing a memory recall for these instrumental sounds takes many years to develop, but the Orchestrators ToolKit can help this process along by providing a quick reference.

This brief YouTube video provides a good introduction to the Orchestrators ToolKit.

We hope to further develop the Orchestrators ToolKit  to include oboe, English horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and harp in version 2.0. Thanks for your interest in learning about the Orchestrators ToolKit. Contact Rick Lawn if you have questions. Email Rick Lawn

The software is available for purchase using Paypal only and sells for $20. Email Rick Lawn to purchase and he will reply as quickly as possible. Once you have made the purchase through Paypal he will direct you to a website where you can download the software for Apple, Windows or Linux.


Now Hear This V.3.0

It’s finally available!! A new completely revised and improved cross-platform version of NOW HEAR THIS – the ear training software and tutorials designed to accompany Jazz Theory and Practice published by Alfred Music. The new version of this book includes a new eChapter that thoroughly covers triads over foreign bass tones and includes this new version 3.0 of NOW HEAR THIS. The new inversions isn’t just a cross-platform upgrade for Macs and Windows operating systems, it includes new minor blues exercises and has been redesigned visually. We realize that many of you may already own an earlier edition of the book and would like to have the latest version of this very useful and practical software. It is now available exclusively from this website thanks to Rick Lawn and Steve Tjernagel.

Altered Dominants

The Blues


Relationship of scales and modes to chords

Buy for $20

KAGI, the procurement and distribution company that handled sales has gone out of business. Until further notice you will need to email me to purchase charts – rjlawn at gmail dot com