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Rick offers a way to access nearly 40 years of Rick’s original music, arrangements and recordings. You may already have the music and would like a reference recording FREE.

You can find it here. Or, you may have heard one of Rick’s charts or recordings and want to find out how to purchase your own copy. It’s all here including downloads of recordings, scores, and a few complete charts at reasonable prices.

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Big Band Charts »

Once the site is complete, 40 charts can be found in this category. Sample scores, demo recordings, links to publishers and full charts can be purchased here. Most charts are scored for 5/4/4/4 unless otherwise indicated in many cases sample scores are available for perusal purposes. Many of his commercially published charts can be found online at Sheet Music Plus. More »

10 Piece Ensemble Charts »

My more recent interest has been in this area, writing for my own band POWER OF TEN. Eventually, more than 20 charts will be made available in this category. Recordings of all may take a bit more time to make available…More »

Misc Music »

This category will include music that has been written for and recorded by studio orchestra, trombone, choir, percussion ensemble, and who knows what else. Once again, if recordings are available you will have FREE access to them. More »

Nova Saxophone Quartet Charts »

This category will include music that has been written for and recorded by the Nova Saxophone Quartet. More »