Piece of Silver

I’ve always been a fan of Horace Silver’s music, consistently brought to life by a band of the finest sidemen whether it was Tom Harrell and Bob Berg or Michael Brecker and his brother Randy. As the title suggests, this original is a tribute to Horace and is very reminiscent of his style. The 7/4 time signature makes the funky groove a little challenging, but the solo section is in 4/4.

This 10 piece band chart was recorded by Power of Ten and featured Tony Miceli, Tom Lawton, Chris Farr, George Rabbai and Erik Johnson as soloists. When we got around to mixing and mastering tracks for the CD Earth Tones we found that only 10 tracks would fit! Something had to go and you are the beneficiary! We are offering you this free download track as a bonus for following Power of Ten. Just click on FREE TRACK and it will download as an MP3 track to your computer.

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If you also like to buy the chart, you may do that here as well. Written in 7/4, this funkly tune borrows many of the Silver trademarks and is challenging for bands not used to playing in odd meters. But once you get it it flows comfortably. Solos are for optional vibes (piano or guitar), piano, tenor and trumpet.

INSTRUMENTATION: alto,tenor, bari saxes; 2 trumpets & trombone; piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.


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